Disposable Luer Lock Needle 100Pack (30G-0.3IN)

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Needle Stainless steel Diameter 0.3mm-0.011Inch-11mil
Needle Stainless steel Long 8mm-0.3Inch
Sterile Blister Packaging

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Disposable needle parameters:

16# Diameter 1.6mm-0.063Inch-63mil/Long 32mm-1.25Inch

18# Diameter 1.2mm-0.047Inch-47mil/Long 38mm-1.5Inch

19# Diameter 1.0mm-0.039Inch-39mil/Long 38mm-1.5Inch

20# Diameter 0.9mm-0.035Inch-35mil/Long 25mm-1Inch

20# Diameter 0.9mm-0.035Inch-35mil/Long 38mm-1.5Inch

21# Diameter 0.8mm-0.031Inch-31mil/Long 25mm-1Inch

21# Diameter 0.8mm-0.031Inch-31mil/Long 38mm-1.5Inch

22# Diameter 0.7mm-0.027Inch-27mil/Long 25mm-1Inch

22# Diameter 0.7mm-0.027Inch-27mil/Long 38mm-1.5Inch

23# Diameter 0.6mm-0.023Inch-23mil/Long 25mm-1Inch

23# Diameter 0.6mm-0.023Inch-23mil/Long 38mm-1.5Inch

24# Diameter 0.55mm-0.021Inch-21mil/Long 25mm-1Inch

25# Diameter 0.5mm-0.019Inch-19mil/Long 13mm-0.5Inch

25# Diameter 0.5mm-0.019Inch-19mil/Long 25mm-1Inch

26# Diameter 0.45mm-0.017Inch-17mil/Long 13mm-0.5Inch

27# Diameter 0.4mm-0.015Inch-15mil/Long 13mm-0.5Inch

30# Diameter 0.3mm-0.011Inch-11mil/Long 8mm-0.3Inch

30# Diameter 0.3mm-0.011Inch-11mil/Long 13mm-0.5Inch

Needle Stainless-steel Diameter 0.3mm-0.011Inch-11mil
Needle Stainless-steel Long 8mm-0.3Inch
Sterile Blister Packaging
Note: To be used in business, scientific laboratories and experiments the usage of or as a household tool most effective.
It can be used for industrial adhesives, and Measuring E-Liquids, Wooden Glue, Glues, Adhesives, Light Oil,Also great for crucial oil, science lab, flat back rhinestones, hobby crafts, home or industrial precison applications of CA glues, inks, fragrance, lubricants, sealants and so forth






Stainless Steel



Thread Size

1.5 inches

Fastener Type


Metal Type

Stainless Steel

Package Dimensions

4.09 x 3.9 x 3.23 inches; 3.53 Ounces

Model Number



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