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Chemistry Trivia

How To Explain Flame Emission Spectroscopy | 2023 Chemistry Trivia

JOURNEY INTO FLAME EMISSION SPECTROSCOPY Flame emission spectroscopy is a method of chemical analysis used to identify elements present in a sample by the determination of their characteristic flame color. It requires the use of a device called an optical spectroscope, which captures the light emitted from a flame and separates it into its component frequencies or colors. This type

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Chemistry Trivia

Is Cleaning Glassware With Nitric Acid A Good Idea???

INTRODUCTION TO NITRIC ACID Nitric acid is a colorless liquid, composed of nitrogen and oxygen. It is highly corrosive, meaning it can cause chemical burns when in contact with skin. It can also be used to produce many different types of chemicals. Nitric acid has many uses, including cleaning glassware. Cleaning glassware with nitric acid may seem like an effective

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what -is-chemical-analysis-used-for---all-you-need-to-know!!!
Chemistry Trivia

What is Chemical Analysis Used For? All You Need To Know!!!

INTRODUCTION TO CHEMICAL ANALYSIS Chemical analysis is a process of measuring the amount and identity of chemicals in an object or sample. It provides information about what molecules are present, their concentrations, and often other properties such as pH. The most common use for chemical analyses is to identify unknown compounds found within drugs that need to be analyzed by

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