WEP 605D-III DC Variable Power Supply 60.00V 5.000A High Precision Bench Lab Power Supply with Alligator Clips for…

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  • This variable power supply provides accurate numerical voltage reading up to 00.01V (Every 10mV), current reading up to 0.001A (Every 1mA), power reading up to every 0.1W. Comes standard with automatic Constant Voltage, Constant Current function.
  • You can easily adjust the lab power supply’s output to the precise parameters you need, no more fiddlign with corase and fine adjustment dials. This bench power supply’s adjustment dials are made from digital rotary encoders, this gives greater lifespan even when used frequently. Plus, you don’t need to short-circuit the terminals to set the adjustable power supply’s parameters.
  • This dc power supply comes with short-circuit protection, active temperature management, overload protection (CC/CV mode), The power supply cuts power, play a warning beep, and shows code “ScP” when a short circuit is detected. The cooling fan activates automatically to maintain optimal operation temperature, and the adjustable power supply cuts power and enters protection mode once overheat is detected.
  • This compact dc power supply is similar to the size of a lunch box, saving precious work space. The power supply has a maximum power of 300W supporting maximum output of 60V 5A. It has a strong power capacity, and its voltage drop is low when powering a load.
  • This WEP dc power supply variable comes with one-year product warranty for the USA. Our technical support team has your back with our 24-Hour support. NOTE: this product is rated for 110~127V USA Specification, DO NOT connect this product to a 220V power socket.
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Product Description

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The WEP 605D-III Precision DC Bench Power Supply includes:

1 x WEP 605D-III Variable DC Power Supply

1 x Pair of Test Leads (U-Shape to Alligator Clips)

1 x Grounding Test Lead (Banana to Alligator Clips)

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Precision Readings

Voltage: Reads 00.00V

Voltage Accuracy: <0.1%+0.03

Current: Reads 0.000A

Current Accuracy: <0.3%+3mA

Power: Reads 00.00W

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Adjustable Voltage & Current

Voltage: 0~60V

Current: 0~5A

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Active Temperature Management

Cooling Fan: activates automatically

Automatic Power-Cut: when overheated

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Digital Rotary Encoder

  • Longer Lifespan
  • Precise digital adjustment
  • Turn FAST – higher increments
  • Turn SLOW – precise increments
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C.C & C.V Mode

  • Automatically switches between Constant Current or Constant Voltage mode based on the load connected.
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Short-Circuit Protection

When short-circuit is detected:

  • Stops power output
  • Alarm with beeping sound
  • Show ScP code
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Compact Size

  • Save precious work space with our compact design
  • Dimension: 7.67”x2.76”x6.18” inches
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Test Leads Included

  • U-Shape to Alligator Clips Test Leads – Easier insertion into terminals
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High Power

  • Maximum Power: 300W
  • Able to power load within the maximum power range without significant voltage drop.


Rated Voltage110~127V AC, 50hz
Rated Power340W
Unit DimensionsL195*W70*H157mm ±5mm
Output Range (Voltage)DC 0~60V
Output Current0~5A
Voltage Precision<0.1%+0.03V
Current Precision<0.3%+3mA
Load Regulation<1%+10mV
RippleVrms<0.5% (10Hz-1MHz)
Output Power300W
Operating Ambient Temperature-10℃~40℃/14℉~104℉
Relative Humidity<90%

Product information

Package Dimensions11.89 x 7.2 x 4.57 inches
Item Weight4.05 pounds
ManufacturerGuangzhou Yihua Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
Best Sellers Rank#67,308 in Industrial & Scientific (See Top 100 in Industrial & Scientific)
#40 in Lab Power Supplies
#67 in Life Science Supplies
Date First AvailableMarch 5, 2022

Warranty & Support

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here




Guangzhou Yihua Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

Package Dimensions

11.89 x 7.2 x 4.57 inches, 11.93 x 7.24 x 4.61 inches, 12.01 x 7.13 x 4.69 inches


30.00V 10.00A, 30.00V 5.0000A, 60.00V 5.000A


3.67 pounds, 3.8 pounds, 4.05 pounds


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