CGOLDENWALL 2 in 1 Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator Processor Lab Cell Disruptor Mixer Analysis of Ultrasonic Processor… Price: $1,759.00$2,359.00 (as of 23/03/2023 20:12 PST- Details)

  • PARAMETER-Power: 2000W; Frequency: 24KHz (19-26KHz Automatic Tracking); Handling capacity: 100mL~4000mL; Diameter of standard probe: 20mm
  • 2 IN 1 UPGRADED DESIGN – Upgraded with combination of host and the soundproof box(There is a LED bulb inside to observe the sample processing clearly at any time), the size is compact(18.5×12.6×20.6in/470×320×525mm) to save space, the noise is smaller.
  • SURROUNDING PROBE- Made of titanium alloy, side ultrasonic output design to provide larger energy, highly improves ultrasonic efficiency and can deal with the material more evenly.The probe will not be damaged even leaving the water medium.
  • EASY TO OPERATE – 3.2” Colorful LCD Screen, can storage 10 sets of data, you do not need to reset the data when use next time,also users could storage the data for different samples, so they do not need to set it .Can display: time, power, frequency, user groups startup item,temperature and so on.
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Product Description

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Working Principle:

When the ultrasonic wave generated by the vibration of the ultrasonic transducer acts on the liquid, the rupture of each bubble in the liquid will produce a shock wave with a great energy, which is equivalent to instantaneously generating several hundred degrees of high temperature and up to thousands of atmospheric pressure; Ultrasonic cavitation is a unique physical process caused by strong ultrasound in liquid medium.It is accompanied by many effects such as high temperature effect, discharge effect, luminescence effect,pressure effects.

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Package:Ultrasonic wave generator:1unit;Power cable:1pcs;Vibrating system (energy converter transducer) :1pcs;Transducer cable:1pcs;Bracket and clamp unit:1set;Fuse: 3pcs;Operating user manual:1pcs

CGOLDENWALL Ultrasonic Homogenizer CE Approved 300W-2000W 0.1-4000ml Optional

Features & Advantages
  • 2 in 1 Design — Upgraded with combination of host and the soundproof box,the size is compact(18.5×12.6×20.6in/470×320×525mm) to save space.
  • Easy to Observe operation process — With LED bulb inside to observe the sample processing clearly at any time.
  • 10 Set of Data Storage — It can store different sample datas,no need to reset the data next time.Also it could allow 10 researchers to use the machine with their own data remain the same next time.
  • Surrounding Ultrasound — Can homogenize the material more quickly and evenly. And it will not cause damage to the probe when it does not contact the liquid during operation.
  • More Durable Probe — Made of titanium alloy material, it can be used for about half a year to one year.It is easy to change the probe.
  • Multifunctions like:Automatic Resonant Point and Power Control;99 Hour Process Control Timer;On/off Pulse Timer;Automatic Amplitude Compensation and so on.
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Technical Data
  • Frequency range:19-26KHz (frequency is auto-tracking)
  • Output power: 300W—2000W Optional (0%-100% continuous adjustable)
  • Total working timer:1s–99 hours with pause function
  • Ultrasonic output impulse:Ultrasonic on timer: 1s – 99 min Ultrasonic off timer:1s–99 min
  • Duty ratio:0%-100%
  • Diameter of ultrasonic probe by default: φ 3 / 6/8/13/16/13/20mm
  • Sample processing volume: 0.1-4000mL Optional
  • Environment Temp.:0 – 40°C;Relative Humidity:≤85% T=20°C
300WDefault : Φ3mm (0.1-50mL), Optional: Φ6mm (50-300mL), Φ10mm (200-300mL)
500WDefault : Φ6mm (50-300mL), Optional: Φ3mm (0.1-50mL), , Φ10mm (200-300mL)
1000WDefault : Φ10mm (500-1200mL), Optional: Φ3mm (0.1-50mL), Φ6mm (50-300mL),
1500WDefault : Φ16mm (50-1200mL), Optional: Φ10mm (50-500mL), , Φ18mm (1000-1800mL)
1800WDefault : Φ18mm (1000-2200mL), Optional: Φ10mm (50-500mL), Φ16mm (50-1200mL),
2000WDefault :Φ20mm (1000-3000mL), Optional: Φ10mm (50-500mL), Φ16mm (50-1200mL), Φ18mm (500-2200mL)
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Surrounding Durable Titanium Alloy Probe

  • Can homogenize the material more quickly and evenly. And it will not cause damage to the probe when it does not contact the liquid during operation.
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HD LCD Display

  • All the function is displayed on the screen,very easy to operate.Can storage 10 sets of datas.
  • Three modes adjustable: Continuous ; pulse ultrasound; Timing ultrasound
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Light Bulb Design

  • It is easier to help researcher to observe sample solution clearly during the whole experiment.
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Steam Dissipate Fan

  • After long time ultrasonic working, the temperature of the sample will rise, and will generate water vapor. The fan hole design can dissipate the steam in time, so as to ensure longer service life of the machine.Wide Application & Optional Probe

Wide Application & Optional Probe

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Material dispersion

The material is dispersed, homogenized and emulsified. For example, dispersion of nanomaterials (silica, carbon dioxide, carbon nanotubes, graphene, etc.).

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Extraction of Chinese medicine, soil organic matter and residues, Extract CBD,extract Black Seed Oil

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Emulsification (oil-water emulsification, extract essence from oil) ,CBD emulsification, cannabis oil emulsification

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Life Science Field

In the field of life sciences, used for cell disruption, extraction of active cells, protein, cell, bacteria, virus tissue breaking etc.

Product Information

Technical Details

Part Number‎CNA 996
Wattage‎2000 watts
Item Package Quantity‎1

Additional Information

Best Sellers Rank#413,183 in Industrial & Scientific (See Top 100 in Industrial & Scientific)
#24 in Lab Homogenizers
Date First AvailableApril 12, 2019

Warranty & Support

Product Warranty: For warranty information about this product, please click here

Important information


2000 watts



Part Number

‎CNA-996, ‎CNA-996CC, ‎CNA-996EE, ‎CNA-996FF, CNA-996GG






1000W , 100mL~1200mL, 1200W , 100mL~2000mL, 2000W,100mL~3000mL, 300W , 10mL~300mL, 650W , 50mL~800mL


19.71 pounds


‎1200 watts, ‎2000 watts, ‎300 watts, ‎650 watts, 800 watts

Package Quantity


Package Dimensions

‎20.5 x 18.1 x 13.2 inches

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