40-1000X Binocular Microscope, Professional Light Microscope with Upgraded Achromatic Objectives, Dual LED Illumination…

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Light Source Type LED
Material Metal
Real Angle of View 45 Degrees
Brand Generic
Objective Lens Description Achromatic
Power Source Battery Powered

About This Item

  • ✅【Professional Microscope】3 achromatic objective lens (4X/10X/40X) and 2 ultra-wide-angle eyepieces (WF10X/WF25X), 40-1000 magnification is enough for you to view various microorganisms, plants, insect specimens, and almost anything else that can be observed with a compound microscope. The full optical wide-angle eyepiece has a large field of view for clear, sharp imaging without edge blurring. The high-quality objective lens is achromatically corrected for improved resolution and color accuracy.
  • ✅【Top & Bottom Dual LED, Double Observation of Specimen & Object】Compared with other microscopes that only have a bottom light source, this compound microscope combines the functions of a biological microscope and a stereo microscope. The top LED observes real objects, and the bottom LED observes transparent specimens. The brightness of the light source can be adjusted by turning the knob. Powerful incident and transmissive LED lights are unaffected by external light for clear viewing of things.
  • ✅【Double-layer Mechanical Stage】The 2-layer mechanical stage has a millimeter-level vernier scale for precise sample movement. The upgraded paddle clips are easier to handle and secure slides than ordinary spring clips. The metal slide holder locks the sample in place, and the x-y translation control knob moves the stage and slide holder from left to right and front to back, eliminating the need to re-clamp the slide to view the entire sample.
  • ✅【Binocular Eyepieces, Adjustable Interpupillary Distance】Than monocular microscopes, binocular microscopes no longer require squinting to observe, more eye protection, less fatigue. The adjustable interpupillary distance range of this microscope is 56-74mm, which can be used by adults and children. Quickly adjust eyepieces to accommodate different interpupillary distances will not lose focus. The lens-barrel is ergonomically angled at 45° to reduce neck fatigue and promote upright posture when sitting.
  • ✅【Precise Focusing System】Compound binocular microscope is not only more eye-friendly, it is easier to focus than monocular microscope, and has better observability. With the coarse/fine focus knob on the same side of the lab microscope, it is more convenient to operate. The coarse focus knob helps you quickly locate the object under observation, and the fine focus knob helps you fine-tune the focus for the sharpest image.
  • ✅【Real-time Sharing】The microscope kit comes with a phone holder, you can see the images on your mobile phone, share pictures or videos with your family and friends in real time, and explore the wonders of the microscopic world together. The microscope for adults is equipped with 10 microscope slides (5 specimen slides + 5 blank slides) and 5 colored filter discs that allow you to observe specimens without staining to meet your biological observation needs.
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What’s In The Box

  • Binocular microscope
  • Objectives
  • Eyepieces
  • Phone Holder
  • Slides & Cover Slips

Product Description


-Binocular eyepieces, no squinting observation, more eye protection & more comfortable

-Adjustable interpupillary distance, ranging from 56-74mm, available for both adults and children

-Upgraded achromatic objective lens, clear and sharp imaging without chromatic aberration

-All-optical ultra-wide-angle eyepiece, wide field of view, long-term viewing without tiring eyes

-Sturdy metal body, not easy to damage, more durable

-LED upper and lower dual light sources, adjustable brightness, specimens of physical dual observation

-Coarse/ fine focusing spiral coaxial design, excellent workmanship, comfortable hand feeling, fast and accurate focusing

-Double-layer mechanical stage, millimeter-level vernier calipers, can be moved up & down, left & right, accurate adjustment, not stuck slides

Technical Specifications:

●Head: Digital-integrated binocular, 45° incline

●Eyepieces: Wide field 10X, 25X pairs

●Objectives: Achromatic objective lenses 4X, 10X, 40X

●Power Supply: 3 AA batteries(This product does not contain batteries, please prepare batteries in advance.)

●Converter: 3-hole converter

●Stage: 2-layer mechanical

●Stage Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm

●Stage X-Y Travel Range: 60mm x 30mm

Package Contents:

●1 x Binocular Microscope

●3 x Objectives(4X, 10X, 40X)

●2 x Eyepieces WF10X

●2 x Eyepieces WF25X

●1 x Phone Holder

●5 x Blank Slides

●5 x Prepared Slides

●10 x Cover Slips

Product Information

Light Source Type




Real Angle of View

45 Degrees

Product Dimensions

14.02 x 11.14 x 7.05 inches


4.33 pounds





Model Number


Objective Lens Description


Power Source

Battery Powered

Package Dimensions

14.02 x 11.14 x 7.05 inches


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