Can You Use ph Strips To Test For Ketosis? Using pH Strips as an Effective Method In 2023

Can You Use pH Strips To Test For Ketosis Using pH Strips as an Effective Method Pinterest Pin
Can You Use pH Strips To Test For Ketosis – Using pH Strips as an Effective Method (Pinterest Pin)
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Some people wonder if they can use pH strips to test for ketosis. pH strips are commonly used to measure the acidity or alkalinity of a solution, but can they also be used to detect ketones? The short answer is no. pH strips are not designed to measure the level of ketones in the body.

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  1. Purchase pH strips that are specifically designed for testing ketones in urine.
  2. Collect a urine sample in a clean, dry container.
  3. Dip the pH strip into the urine sample and remove it immediately.
  4. Wait for the strip to change color. The color change will indicate the level of ketones in your urine.
Ketone LevelColor on Stripmmol/l
NegativeNo color change0
TraceLight pink0.5
SmallMedium pink1.5
ModerateDark pink4
Ketosis Urine Strip Results
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